Butterfly On The Camera

photograph of an orange butterfly on a camera by Doug Couvillion

During my Rivanna River float, earlier this summer, my Pentax went for an unexpected swim.  Clearly not what any nature photographer wants to happen but things don’t always go as planned.  Thankfully I saw the camera fall into the river and pulled it out before it had time to sink too far below the surface.  For the rest of the trip I was left shooting with my iPhone and had the camera out in the sun to dry.

While I packed up my gear one morning this bright butterfly kept flittering around.  As it landed on my camera I thought I might be able to capture it on my iPhone.

At first I thought it might be a Meadow Fritillary but the field guide I have says they don’t have a dark margin on their wings.  It kind of looks like a Pearl Crescent but I think the wings are the wrong shape.

I submitted this photograph to Butterflies And Moths Of North American and will update the post when they contact me with a species identification.  In the meantime if anyone can identify this butterfly please leave a comment, below.

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    1. Thanks for you sympathy. The good news is the camera came back from the dead! I may write a post about that at some point. Maybe it would help someone else who drops their camera in the water?

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