Grass Seedpod

black and white photograph of a grass seedpodThe long stem of this wild grass silently hangs above competing weeds, wildflowers and native plants, patiently waiting for its seeds to drop.  Some will be eaten by birds and field mice.  Others will fall in places they cannot germinate.  But for eons these simple seeds have dropped from similar pods carrying the lessons of their ancestors.  Each year enough find their way into the earth to continue the silent tradition.


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  1. Nice one. I’ve found grass stems not as easy to photograph as we might think – trying to balance depth of field for isolation and sufficient depth to give full focus on the seed head, while trying to cope with movement caused by even the slightest breeze!.

    1. Thanks Stephen. I’ve been routinely frustrated by seemingly insignificant breezes while taking close ups of flowers and insects. Luckily this shot was taken on a calm day in a fairly well protected area.

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