Dark-Eyed Junco 1

photograph of a dark-eyed junco

The dark-eyed junco is a common bird in Richmond during the colder months.  When the weather warms they will migrate to the Appalachians and Canada, not to return again until autumn.  They make for tricky photography subjects as they are small, quick, and almost never still.  I waited until this junco hopped into a patch of direct sunlight to get a shutter speed fast enough to catch it.

I would like to give some credit for this photo to Cornel Apostol.  If you’re not familiar with Cornel’s blog, check it out at http://apostolcornel.wordpress.com.  On several of his posts he’s mentioned throwing a sheet over his head to get closer to birds.  That inspired me to rig up a simple blind which I used to capture this image.

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  1. they are cute little birds I had a flock of slate colored juncos in my yard yesterday, a vey nice large flock that were just tearing up my bird feeders, they are quick little fellos.

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