Dispose Of Properly

Photograph of a can in the Rivanna River by Doug Couvillion

I found this can on a recent trip to the Rivanna River.  My friends and I were trying to recall when beverage cans replaced pull-top tabs, like this one, with pop-top tabs.  To the best of our recollection these cans were out of circulation by the early 1980’s.  That would make this can roughly 30 – 35 years old!  What’s even stranger is last year on the same river I found other pull-top cans. Continue reading “Dispose Of Properly”

Christine Falls, Mount Rainer National Park

photograph of Christine Falls in Mount Rainer National Park by Doug Couvillion

Christine Falls in Mount Rainer National Park, Washington flows right under this bridge with a nice stone facade.  It’s not one of the largest falls in the park but its impressive nonetheless and it’s easily accessible from the road making it a spot within the park. Continue reading “Christine Falls, Mount Rainer National Park”