Wood Lily

photograph of a spotted lilly

These wood lilies bloom throughout the summer.  They’re fairly small.  Each flower is about 2″ (5 cm) across.  Their vibrant colors make them a great subject for a little macro work.

Solitary Cypress

Solitary Cypress

This cypress tree stands alone, out in the water.  I shot this picture at sunrise from about 300 yards away.  The fog drifted around the tree as the sun slowly swept it away.  As the light and fog were continually changing, I kept shooting and ended up with this image, where most of the fog is between the tree and the shoreline, highlighting it’s isolation.

Southern Beauty

Magnolia Bloom

To me the magnolia tree’s large, fragrant blooms are symbolic of the South.  Having grown up in Northern Virginia, I never noticed magnolias.  Perhaps they aren’t as popular there or maybe I just never paid attention as a kid?  Regardless, the magnolias are blooming again in Richmond.